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Monsters Vs. Aliens


Monsters Vs. Aliens



Based on the animated movie, Monsters vs Aliens by Activision for Xbox 360 captures the fun and action of the movie. Players can choose to play as any of the following characters: The Missing Link, the half-ape and half-fish; B.O.B., the gelatinous and indestructible mass; Ginormica, the gigantic woman; and Insectosaurus, the giant insect.

Use your skills to save the world from alien robots. View larger.
Explore and destroy familiar places such as San Francisco. View larger.

Play as your favorite monsters from the movie. View larger. Play as Your Favorite Monsters
You'll get to choose among your favorite monsters from the movie as you use each of their distinct skills to battle alien robots and save the world. Each monster gives a different game play experience, and figuring out who to use for specific parts of the game is part of the challenge and fun.

The Missing Link, the half-fish and half-ape monster, can scale walls and do acrobatics. He possesses the brute force to beat up most enemies by bashing and using his tail as a whip. B.O.B. is gelatinous and can stretch and bounce, stick to walls, and swallow and spit out enemies and objects. B.O.B. can get to hard-to-reach places by seeping through grates and cracks. Insectosaurus is 350-feet tall, shoots silk, and has a sonic scream, making her indispensable for fighting giant robots. Ginormica is enormous, can race through cities using cars for roller skates, and can fight entire armies. Dr. Cockroach, PhD gives missions and has a slew of gadgets used to fight the aliens.

Explore Locations in the Movie and More
Locations from the movie have been recreated in the game, which also features game-exclusive areas. You'll have a blast exploring the nooks and crannies of the different environments. There are 20 distinct levels to explore including Gallaxher's mothership, the streets of San Francisco, and the super secret government containment area.

Second Player Can Drop In at Any Time
If a friend walks in and wants to join in on the fun, he only needs to pick up a controller and can drop in on the action by playing as Dr. Cockroach PhD.

Monsters Vs. Aliens